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to Frydek-Mistek - a town at the Ostravice river and at the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains. The twin-town itself doesn't have long history. It was created in year 1943 by joining two independent towns moravian Mistek and silesian Frydek. These two towns were growing up since middle-ages. The history of Mistek goes back to the 13th century, its neighbour Frydek is little bit younger it is mentioned for the first time in the 14th century. Last important date in town's diary was 1st July 2006 on that day was Frydek-Mistek designated to corporate town. Recent Frydek-Mistek has 61.000 inhabitants, total area is 53 km2. With the town are connected villages Chlebovice, Zelinkovice, Lysuvky, Liskovec and Skalice.
Even though Frydek-Mistek is undoubtely beautiful at all, you will meet with history only in old town centres around Zamecke square in Frydek and Svobody square in Mistek. The vista point of the town - the Frydek Chateau is situated on the first mentioned square. Originally it used to be a gothic castle which was founded in the 14th century, but during the further 700 years owners were rebuilding it several times. Recently there is the Beskydy Mountains Museum where you can admire permanent exhibition which presents history and culture of the Beskydy Region.
There are of course more possibilities how to spend free time in Frydek-Mistek. Have a rest or move your body in aquapark Olesna or in swiming pool in Pionyru street. Riding, tennis, squash and another activities that's what you can enjoy here too. Cultural events are offered by National House, New Scene Vlast and some clubs. Frydek Forest footpath is ideal place for those, who prefer calmer afternoon with bit of education. Pension „Castle of Don Quijote" is situated close to the forest, but you will enjoy there something absolutely different inside, let's say - medieval times. Summer that's time of various festivals, the most famed is the International Folklore Festival.
Surroundings of the town offer variety of possibilities of hiking and cycling. At well marked walks around Frydek-Mistek are tourists attracted with interesting places, natural monuments and view points. Under the top of Kabatice hill in Chlebovice is situated 22 metres high view-tower Panorama.


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