Sand pits

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Sand pits on the territory of Frydek-Mistek operated by the City of Frydek-Mistek

Operator: City of Frydek-Mistek, Radnicni 1148, Frydek-Mistek, Department of Environment and Agriculture
tel.: 558 609 484

Maintenance: TS a. s., 17. listopadu 910, Frydek-Mistek
tel.: 558 443 207, 558 443 211

Sand change:
Sand change is made once a year in April-May. Another changes during the year are made according to the level of pollution.

Repairs of sand pits:
Repairs of sand pits will be made in May-June.

Operating rules:
Keep it clean and tidy, please!

Bringing dogs, cats and other pets into the area of sand pits is prohibited!
In the interest of the health of the children we notify the parents about their legal obligation to watch the children according to the level of their development. The City of Frydek-Mistek is not liable for any damages connected with a violation of that obligation.



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