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Cultural life in the city is largely provided by the allowance organization of the city - the Frydek-Mistek National Hall, which manages and operates four facilities: the National Hall, Vlast New Stage, Petr Bezruc Cinema and Ctyrlistek (Clover Leaf) Theatre.

The first facility is a historical building of the National Hall (Palackeho 134) with a stage, a large and a small hall of beautiful stucco decoration, a conference room, classrooms, clubrooms and a restaurant with a summer outdoor service. The second facility is Petr Bezruc Cinema (Frydlantska 612) with a large hall (capacity 580 places), a stage for concerts, competitions and other events. The third facility is the Vlast New Stage (Hlavni 112) is today primarily used as a cinema for a film club and for children. Other cultural facilities include the City Library, whose Mistek branch make together with the Vlast New Stage one object.
The last facility is the Ctyrlistek (Clover Leaf) Theatre in Slezska housing estate.

In the city also work other cultural facilities (galleries, discos, rock clubs, The People's House etc.).
One of the architectural monuments of the city is the Frydek castle with several permanent exhibitions of the Beskydy Museum documenting life in the region (in historical, ethnographic and natural science section of the exhibition) and the history of Frydek-Mistek. In the castle are held art exhibitions, concerts and other social events including weddings.



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