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Winter maintenance

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The task of the winter maintenance is to mitigate deficiencies in the practicability of local roads and transit roads resulting from winter weather.
Winter maintenance is carried out according to the operational plan approved by the City Hall that determines the order of priority of roads. Roads are divided into four categories. First treated are communication with public transport, access roads to medical facilities and other important local roads.
In Frydek-Mistek winter maintenance of roads is provided by:
- the Road Administration of Moravian-silesian Region - winter maintenance of the roads in property of the Region or State. Regional roads: Bruzovska, Liskovecka, Revolucni, J. Opletala, 17. listopadu, Ostravska, Na Vyhlidce, Staromestska a Slezska. State roads: Hlavni, Priborska and Beskydska streets.
- Employees of municipal corporation TS, a.s. - 352 km of local roads owned by the City of Frydek-Mistek.

Requirements for snow removal call directly to the central control centre of the winter maintenance TS, a.s. – tel. 558 432 649.

Winter Maintenance Plan
For the purposes of winter maintenance plan the roads are divided according to their importance as follows:
a) I. – I. class roads and important II. class roads,
b) II. - remaining II. class roads and important III. class roads,
c) III. - other III. class roads,
d) unmaintained - roads no public transport is operated with minor traffic importance

Deadlines for providing the practicability of highways and roads
a) on motorways and highways .... within 2 hours
b) on the roads included in I. .... within 3 hours
on the roads included in II. .... within 6 hours
on the roads included in III. .... within 12 hours.

Deadlines for providing the practicability of local roads
a) I. ................. within 4 hours,
b) II. ................. within 12 hours,
c) III. ... after maintaining I. and II. roads, but at latest within 48 hours.




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