To Moravka dam

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We get out of Frydek-Mistek upon the track for cyclists along the Moravka river and we cross a footbridge to Stare mesto. Above us is a football pitch that we ride around upon a dirt road and join the road to Skalice. In Skalice we turn right into direction Baska. At Pricnice there are beautiful views on the Beskydy mountains. We turn left to the cowshed, we cycle up around it to the water tower and turn right. At a crossroad there is a bench, from where you can enjoy views of Skalice, Frydek-Mistek, Palkovicke Hurky and Beskydy. Here we join the marked cycling route and we ride along it for a while towards Janovice. Beyond the farm house the cycling route goes on straight upon a dirt road, but we will stay on the asphalt road that leads us underneath Skalice hill to the sawmill. Here we turn right towards the mountains. We pass Skalice hippodrome ( In Raskovice at the junction we turn right towards Prazmo. We ride through the village and at the transformer we turn left to the Moravka river. We cross the footbridge over the river and go around the former Fox farm upon an asphalt road to „Ceske srdce“ cottage and „Jizdarna“ guesthouse ( On the right we see the Svinorky ski slope (
At the Caravan Club we turn left. Around the cottages we ride to a large parking lot. We cycle up to the dam of Moravka. We go down the same way. Behind the parking lot we cross Moravka river and we have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments at „U splavu“ restaurant.
We continue upon the road to the hotel, where we turn right back to the river. Across the bridge we get back to the Caravan Club. Along the Fox farm we go down the river stream to the footbridge. We turn right and along the river we ride through the sawmill area to another footbridge. We cross the river to the right bank and continue to the main road to Vysni Lhoty. We cross the road and get to the floodgates. Here the part of the river continues to Žermanice dam through a channel. Over the floodgates we cross to the left bank and around the factory site we cycle to the road to Skalice. We pass the sawmill where we turned to Raskovice and climb the Skalice hill to the church. Close beyond the church on the right there is „Straznice“ pub where they have excellent beer. Along the main road we ride through Skalice and through Stare Mesto head back to Frydek-Mistek.

Length: cca 45km
Travel time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: easy
Suitable for: treking, mtb



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