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We get out of Mistek upon a track for cyclists up the Ostravice river. The track ends at former barracks but we continue upon a path along the river, pass a steel footbridge (which leads across the river to Baska railway station) and continue to asphalt voleyball playground and ride left along terrace houses. We go up to a bus stop and at the intersection we turn right and cross the I/56 road. Now we are on the blue tourist trail and we follow it to Hodonovice. The trail leads us along a pub to the sand pit beneath Metylovicka Hurka hill. around the sand pit we go on to Metylovice ( to the bus stop. Here we join the main road that goes up along the church to intersection at grocery store. Here we turn right up the hill towards Lhotka and go on to the transformer. From there along the yellow tourist trail we cycle up to the waste containers stand. Here the yellow mark turns right between the fences. But we still cycle up the asphalt road that leads us to the forest aisle above the cottage colony, where is a beautiful view on Frydlant nad Ostravici ( and Lysa hora mountain. Our route turns right from the asphalt road to a very steep hill. On the ridge we join the yellow tourist trail again and it leads us to Kubalanky crossroad. On the left is a tourist lodge. We turn right along the red ski tourist trail. Riding along the contour line we enjoy beautiful views to Palkovicke Hurky and Bila hora mountain by Stramberk. The path will lead us into a saddle. We follow down the blue tourist trail to tourist lodge at Ondrejnik / 710 m / (
Now a steep technical downhill ride awaits us along the blue tourist trail to Frydlant n. O. Along the Mountain Rescue we descend to the underpass and get behind the railway tracks and the road to the parking lot at the bus and railway station. From the underpass we turn left, at the cemetery we cross the main road and between the family houses we go to the river and cross it through the steel footbridge and pass the Beskydy Camping site ( and follow the road to Przno ( At the crossroad we turn right and along „U Adamcu“ pub we go through the willage. We continue along the cemetery to Baska (, at the bridge at Bastanka restaurant we turn right to the dam.
On the right bank of the dam we go through the forest, pastures and the road to Stare Mesto ( to tennis courts and the football pitch under which we join the track for cyclists that leads us back to Frydek-Mistek.

Length: cca 40 km
Travel time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: difficult
Suitable for: mtb


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