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From Frydek we get to Olesná dam upon a track for cyclists. We ride along „U Toma“ pub and aquapark (, we pass the last cottages and beyond the dam at the crossroad we turn right to the cycling route to Chlebovice. At „U Kozlů“ pub we turn down, cross the I/48 road and turn left at the shrine toward a coal mine. At the parking place we move left around the heliport onto a panel road to a pond. Over the weir we enter the forest and after leaving it we turn right and upon a wide path we pass the gamekeeper's lodge and two ponds. Beyond them we continue to the Slezan rest house. Here we cross the I/48 road again, on the left there is a shooting range and we cycle up to Hurky. At the first crossing we turn right and again right. We continue to a crashed bus waiting room at a phone booth, where we turn left along the contour line. Around a midden we descend into Hukvaldy ( We pass "Losert" bus stop and around Janacek's house we climb up a steep hill to the castle park. Back to Frydek-Mistek we take it through the terrain over Hurky. From the castle we go down the same way to "Losert" bus stop and beyond the small bridge we turn right along the blue tourist trail. Follows a 50 m steep climb along the blue tourist trail. After about another 100 m we turn to the green tourist trail and climb to the crossroad „Pod Zadni Babi horou“. Here we join the blue tourist trail and follow it up to the highest peak of Palkovicke Hurky - Kubankov. At the crossroad „U Kociana“ we can refresh ourselves in the nearby „Barborka“ hotel. From the signpost we continue upon a gravel path behind the right bend down the hill. We comfortably go down to the shrine, where we turn upright. We go towards Palkovice. Beyong the beginning of the village we turn left around the ample willow and enter the forest. Passage through the forest ends at Rovenska street above Olesna dam. Back home we get again along aquapark and upon tracks for cyclists.

Length: cca 45km
Travel time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: FM – Hukvaldy - easy, Hukvaldy – Hurky - difficult
Suitable for: mtb


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